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by Dave Graham | Jingles.Studio / Vilma Pepito / APC-stats

Euro Chart Show is a weekly syndicated radio showed heard on stations all around the world since 2012. Free to air, as long as you hold a broadcast or streaming licence your station can air the Euro Chart Show. For more details and to sign up to our established show, email


Delivered each Monday as 2 x 320k unprocessed mp3 files, running time approx 55/56 minutes each show.

Are you a radio station looking for quality programming for your station – if so, Euro Chart Show is your perfect match. 

Produced since 2012 as a free-to-air show, Euro Chart Show is heard on many radio stations worldwide each week with over 2 million listeners – and YOUR station can be one of them treating your listeners each week.

The show is delivered each Monday by 2x320k unprocessed mp3 files, the show is approx 55/56 minutes to allow for news or an ad break. This basic generic version is and will be always FREE.

NEW FOR 2021 . . . . we can customise the show to fit your branding for £15 per show. This will include four customised links per show for your station, your jingles including and ad break if you need that too.  No long commitment, just £60 per month opt out any time.

Just fill in the simple form and we will get the ball rolling and put Euro Chart Show on YOUR station!

Do you have a licence to broadcast or stream online?

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